Eliminating Bestiality One Condom at a Time

June 21, 2007

Controversial, what?


Somehow, this commercial got banned by Fox and CBS. Something about….condom commercials should only address prevention of disease not pregnancy…shouldn’t be overtly sexual…shouldn’t exist, maybe, is that what they’re trying to say?

Other than the fact that it’s kind of unpleasant to think about pigs hitting on women, I don’t actually see how this commercial is a problem—and I even had the misfortune of watching Bill O’Reilly complain about it. Of course, the obvious response, made in the New York Times article as well as on feministing, is that commercials for other products make full use of sexual content. Sex is on display in ads for Viagra, deodorant, Doritos, chewing gum, etc. Truth is, this is one of the unsexiest commercials I’ve ever seen: who wants to have sex after watching pigs in a bar? For me the commercial promotes abstinence, if anything!



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