While We’re Talking About Commercials,

June 21, 2007

Have you seen this one for the Clear Blue pregnancy test? (You can find anything on YouTube, apparently.)

This commercial astonishes me every time I see it, I guess because it’s like the exact opposite of most commercials geared toward women. It reminds me much more of, say, an ad for a man’s razor (names like Schick Quattro Titanium,  ever-increasing numbers of blades, etc., as opposed to women’s razor commercials, with synchronized swimmers in bikinis). Even that stream of water at the very end looks much more like the way a man would pee…not to get too graphic on you. The product itself is of course incredibly phallic, as this commercial only emphasizes. 

Clear Blue is selling itself as sleek, dependable, technologically sophisticated for best results. Their biggest selling points are simplicity and accuracy–“So Advanced It’s Easy.” We’re used to scenes from movies and television with women trying to figure out what the various symbols mean on their pregnancy test (“Is that good? Is it bad?” they ask). Women need this information delivered with speed and precision.

It’s cool that the company is selling itself as taking women’s needs seriously; I find it fascinating that it’s doing so with such strong masculine imagery. 


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