So I Posed Naked Once. Fuck Off.

September 13, 2007

Don’t you wish that was the standard response? C’mon, Vanessa Hudgens, stand up for yourself!

Apologies for the hiatus. Moving to a new city, floundering from apartment to apartment, and not having a television for three months can do that to you. The good news is: I’m settled for a while and my roommate has DVR. I think we have a very chatty fall ahead of us, what with Grey’s starting up again, my new addiction to Ugly Betty, and the upcoming films on my radar, like Lust, Caution; Across the Universe; The Brave One and Ira & Abby. Marykate Olsen’s been doing the talk-show and magazine circuit, Britney’s been looking very despondent on live television, and then there’s the Vanessa Hudgens issue.

She’s been made to apologize for having once posed nude—before she was noticed, in fact when she was probably struggling to get noticed, and, most unfortunately, before she was the Disney princess she’s since become (I mean, she’s even dating her dreamy High School Musical co-star; what more could the pre-teen fans desire?). We monitor the sexuality of our young female stars, and then we punish them too. Of course we can go on and on about Lindsay and Paris, etc., and girls who deliberately expose themselves to the public, but dredging up dirt from the past? I don’t like it.

The beauty queen scandals bother me too (although who needs a stupid crown? just look at the kick-ass Vanessa Williams now!). The bigger questions is: to whom are these girls apologizing? Disney issued their own lovely statement: “Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment…We hope she’s learned a valuable lesson.” Naughty child, go to your room.


One Response to “So I Posed Naked Once. Fuck Off.”

  1. O Says:

    I just found your blog. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, I will be back.

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